TSD told me about this blog she was writing during our second date. She would not reveal the name of it or where it could be found. I did search for it but I gave up. She had assured me that my name was not mentioned, that is all that mattered to me. I am arrogant. Apparently.

Recently I text her, business  related, I asked her again about the blog as it had played on my mind. She was quite forthcoming and told me the www site.  I read through the reviews looking for my #. (Some of those reviews are lethal!!)

After reading my second review all I wanted to do was expose her name all over the site. The first one wasn't too bad. I am not sure what happened between July - February, maybe it was all the dating and no action that had turned her bitter. 

Hang on though, I offered her action!! A massage in her hotel room prior to dinner! I thought that was a good move. Obviously not. Too forward??

The girl is direct. She is black and white. She doesn't allow you any room for error. She pulls you up and then laughs at you! Not good for a mans ego. You want to hate her.

We had a nice time on both dates. Okay, sure by the second date I was in and out of a relationship but it was rocky and 'TSD' and I were on familiar terms. I didn't see anything wrong with 'dinner'. She threw me under the bus in that second review and I guess looking back, I deserved it. I hadn't exactly ended things with my girlfriend. TSD just happened to be in town.

I am a gentleman. And she thought so too on our first date.

I believe as time went by she got further into the critiquing of men and it became a game. I was Date 6... by the time our second date came around, she had dated another 40 odd men. I am really intrigued about Date 91. I would like to see what type of guy she ended up going for.

I have since called it quits with my girlfriend. I don't think we (TSD and I) would ever have worked romantically long term but we do get on. We are both strong characters, our arguments would have been heated, that's for sure!! But after a good argument comes good...

And for the record Dates 9/10.... Interest 8/10.

Oh and I do know what happened between July and February. She put on a bit of weight and now describes herself as Curvy. It didn't bother me but I hope this bothers her.



So I have been M.I.A for a couple of months...

I am guessing you were guessing my reasoning... ' All loved up, head over heels, forgotten about the brutal blog and spending my days painting my white picket fence.'

.... If you were thinking that, you obviously didn't read too much into my personality type throughout.

I've been ill... oh, and I do not forget... My memory is my best asset. Unlucky for some.

Date 91 is improving with age  (no fine wine - not maturing). 6 months today. Not my record but close to. In my mind.

Definitely locked in. No out clause. Settlement period is over. As is the romance it seems. (Refer to text posted on TSD Facebook page this morning)

I have been off work for 5 months, taking time out, playing housewife... No wonder I fell so sick. Shock to the system. On all fronts.

He still gives me compliments... He commented on how nice my hair looked last week. I had washed it.. Living in my Pjs with my bed hair for a couple of months was great for the honeymoon period... And I dare wonder why he texts me from the lounge room. Poor bloke.

As for previous dates... well, I get the odd text message here and there. Makes me laugh when I see date #78 flash on screen. (Yes typical #78!)

I only pick up and respond to 'Date #91'... He is yet to be programmed/ named. Maybe come the 1 year milestone... Ill text him to let him know. From the lounge room.

Strangely enough he never really asks too much about the dating. He just shakes his head and smiles. Although when introducing me to his brother and sister in law for the first time, he was quick (within 10 minutes) to mention, explain, give detail, on my dating blog. What an intro... They were squinting and pulling the same face as I did on most of my dates... Not embarrassing at all.

Enough now on the relationship front. Back to posting reviews written by past dates. Date #6 has been patiently waiting for his blog to go 'live'.

Stay tuned as I continue to wrap this Blog up -  once and for all. I hope.

He is it in my eyes.





I have sent this review to The Serial Dater’s website from an anonymous email, it will be interesting to see if she actually posts it. She did not contact me to write about her. It may be because she doesn’t know I know. 

Coincidently a female friend followed this so called ‘hilarious blog’ and one day when I was sharing a disaster (online) date with her she suggested I read this trash. So I tuned in around 68 and actually had a laugh. I scrolled back through past dates, I guess you could say I was kind of enjoying it, I was hung over and bored.

Alarm bells rang loud and clear when I read one particular review. Yep, I had dated The Serial Dater without knowing.  (I am 99.9% sure the review is about me anyway.) I felt like an idiot.

I have no desire to identify myself with my ‘date number’.  However I do want to review this girl and give her a taste of her own medicine. Even though it was quite a while ago.

The girl isn't hot or gorgeous, she is attractive. I think she knows she is attractive or at least presents herself with a lot of confidence. She is no slim jim, she describes herself as curvy and that is what she is. I wouldn’t put her in the Kim Kardashian ‘curvy’ category though. I have sisters, so yes I know who KK is!

She looked good for the date.  A little schmancy considering she came from work but she knew how to dress and obviously liked her fashion. I remember she actually looked me up and down when I arrived.  It was that obvious.  I know I looked good.

Big eyes, big smile, big boobs, bright lipstick. Well manicured, nails, hair. I said I have sisters okay!

I got the impression she had a high opinion of herself, she took the moral high ground with me a few times. I liked the fact that she gave her opinion. I just wouldn’t want it too often.

Her phone went off constantly throughout the date. She didn’t attend to it every time, she apologised and said it was work related. It seemed to ring late and she kept it beside her at all times. I don’t think this would meet HER dating do’s and don’ts. I am sure she would classify it as rude if one of the guys did it.

I didn’t want to get drunk because I knew I would make a move. I think she would have probably rejected me.  Especially now I read the reviews! We had a good time. She somehow lured me in.  She had no problem giving me shit and being sarcastic. I think that that might be her way of flirting.  I get the ‘Brutal’ heading of the blog! Ill admit that she was very funny sometimes.  Even though it was my expense.  I can hold my own.

She is definitely THE BOSS.  Too bossy in my eyes.  She told me to move the empty glasses at one point. I wasn’t the glassy. I could imagine some guys would find her intimidating. I also imagine she is probably a very good career woman. I liked how passionate she was when speaking about her job. That was impressive.

It turned out she didn’t give me a terrible review (not great either) , but she didn’t accept another date. I didn’t exactly ask her, I did message her and she shut the conversation down pretty quickly. I am not even sure I wanted another date!!

I may sound bitter. I probably am. I am still trying to find love. It looks like she isn’t! Good luck to her.

My score for her would be;

Date… 8/10  Interest… 7/10