Well, what can I say?!!! ....or Can't say...

I don't remember too much about our date because it was so long ago and so much has changed since then. The ironic thing is, it turns out I was gay!! She was right!

I could jokingly say, SHE turned me off women all together... but no. It was pleasant and very enjoyable.

We laughed, we drank and chatted about anything and everything. There certainly wasn't any awkward silence.There was even a Date 2... Which I have since apologised about.

If I was a straight man, this girl would certainly be my type - bubbly, fun, well-dressed and passionate about life and very driven. Perhaps a little intimidating though?!!!

I've now been with my partner for a long while and life hasn't been brighter. I'm happy and found the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I only hope she finds the same, because she has so much love to give.

I was taken aback at first when I found out I had been 'rated' & 'dated' but can have a laugh about it now. I'd rate our date a 9/10, if only I knew then what I know now. What girl doesn't need a gay best friend?

Oh and I have since realised I was not THE ONLY date that evening... "running late from work"?! hmmm

I was politely reminded today by a reader, that is has been over 1 month since I last posted...

And she is right. 1 month on and it is official... As in 'Facebook' status official. (Brace yourselves)

According to my 21 year old assistant, this is now very serious.

I took a gamble whilst the boy was overseas at the World Cup, I turned down an amazing career opportunity interstate, I only hoped that when he returned he still felt the same way... after 150 odd dates and 'Steven with an N' scoring 10/10, I couldn't up and leave so easily this time. My career ran a second best.

As promised last time, I would finish the blog, however it would have to take a twist.... 

So. I have reached out to past dates, those who have since become aware of the blog in their own right, I have requested that they dish the dirt and report on our date that was... in their words... (I am asking for trouble) 

The blog has been real, why not finish it that way, I might get knocked off my pedestal however lets face it, I probably deserve it...

Most wish to remain anonymous, NOT Steven though, he would like to be published... I think the 10/10 has gone to his head.

Sit back, laugh, cringe and enjoy what will probably be a very different story... in their eyes.

Oh and did I mention, we are house hunting. Facebook serious remember.

All in together... Four, Five, Six...

FOUR... After watching 'When love comes to town', he wanted to know; If I was getting back on the bus... Lucky for him, I dont take the bus. 

He was presented with his very own toothbrush that evening. Milestone.

Prior to Date Five, my assistant and I went shopping.

FIVE...Dinner and a comedy... we were the only two in stitches. Warped sense of humour = both.

He opened the car door for me... beyond Date TWO. Tick.

He was presented with his very own, my style... new wardrobe.... I couldn't cope anymore. It was killing me. Material matters.

Are you all cringing about now?!  Too much too soon... What was his response?....

He loved it... Major success.

SIX... Or what should have been Date SIX... ended up in a little tiff... Miscommunication. There should be NOTHING 'cute' about a TIFF 6 dates in.... Sadly there was;  "Im really sorry, I need you to know I am already using the LOVE word in my head, I hope you realise this"...

Umm... How about now... cringing?!

Im not.

The real SIX was a goodbye. 2 weeks of romancing and 91 was off to Brazil for 3 weeks.

How did this blog turn in to a soppy love story?!?!

Steven with an 'N' has permitted for me to keep 'Dating' to 100... HOWEVER I can't. That is not what the blog is about. Its based on the truth, real life experiences (with a touch of sarcasm)

I will continue to post to 100 (not about Date 91 though)... I can only handle so much 'mush' myself.

Stand by as the plot takes a little twist.

Ooohh AND

DateS... 10/10.... Interest... 10/10

He has done it. Now go and get a spew bucket... I know.