Clearly you can't have it all... Very goodlooking guy, unfortunately he had a voice.... He didnt have a brain.

Date 89... 22 years old, english traveller on the West side

Moved the date time 4 x... waiting for his money to clear. On a positive note, at least he was planning to bring some.

Upon arrival he text me saying he couldn't get in. I naturally assumed someone was stopping him from entering... that someone was the door... Pull, not Push. I assisted the poor darling.

I quickly pointed out that he stunk of booze. He quickly responded, "I brushed my teeth". Well... that makes it all okay then.

Close to 15 minutes in, he asked if he could 'Snapchat' me to his mates. My blank stare indicated my tough decision

He asked if I could teach him things... I asked him to clarify what it was he wanted to learn. He just smiled showing those clean pearly whites. I was grateful for no words... they wouldn't have been to a very high standard i assure you.

He checked 3 or 4 times that his hair looked okay... checked with me.

45 mintues in I received a text message... 'This bird is awesome, I am hoping to see her tits'...

He didnt seem phased that I received a message whilst HE was on HIS phone... so I thought it was only polite to respond 'No chance of that'...

He looked confused for a minute or two... and then just smiled at me. I stared back and said "whoopsie daisy"...

As we said Goodbye he asked "can I come back to your place for a sleep?"

My response was simple... "are you homeless?"

He was as silly as they come. WASTE!

Date... 4/10.... Interest...2/10




Date TWO with Date 82... 4th chance... With no other plans, why not take the gamble... After all I gave him a 9.5/10 previously!

3-4 months on and things had changed...

"I am 30 now"... that big old jump from 29 was inferring he had matured. Right. Yes. Ok. Sure.

Still attractive, still funny... although not as much sureness as I once remembered... Maybe it was the beers of courage he had had prior to our 'meeting' last time that filled him with the so called confidence...

Obsessed by the Blog, we spent 50% of the evening on the topic. Not my ideal 'date' conversation. He suggested he write a review or two... could be fun... On me??

He admitted to recently 'hitting on' a 17 year old... by accident. I wonder.

Guessing, as much of an accident as his best mate sleeping with multiple married woman. Keeps good company. Judged.

With 4 days in his home state, he provided me with some 'great' directions on where to go and what to see... on a napkin... drawn with tomato sauce...

Left the bar and then the restaurant without letting me finish my drinks... In a hurry, no. Self aware, very.

Not particularly tactile, shame. Stable conversation, no BS. Actually a nice guy with a 'few' things going on... the body language spoke volumes. Not to mention he was probably a tad awkward knowing at some point another review was bound to take place. Ohh didums...

Date... 8/10... Interest... 8/10.





Up to Date 89 and reminiscing…

On the home stretch to 100, I thought I would recap on my journey so far…

Someone, once dared suggest I had made some of the dates up, if only my mind was so creative. Sadly, every date reported is fact. I have dated a few more in between however some were not even blog worthy.

Anywhere between 20-50 years old, all walks of life, professions, nationalities and home states of Australia...

It kicked off early with Date 1 & Date 9 living together… neither knew and nor did I, at the time.

Repeating the coincidental story to Date 16, dug a deeper hole for myself as it turned out he too was in the same soccer team as Date 1 & Date 9.  Perfect, three in one team! Not awkward at all.

The most popular profession amongst the dates so far has been Graphic Designers. I have well and truly established, they are not my ideal match.

Plenty of wealthy and successful older businessmen, unlike young unemployed Date 86 who turned up with no money... yet we were on date.

Date 12, I introduced to my good friend…  i am sure engagement is on the cards.

Date 13, I knew he was gay before he did. He is now happy with his Boyfriend, I am still single.

I’ve had a reformed drug addict and a reformed alcoholic, 2 x international sports players… all individual people of course.

Date 80 and 86 were the best looking… it only took me 79 dates to get a bit of eye candy on the tally board.

I broke the rules with Date 28, but had lots of fun. He asked me to move in on the second date. Yes, he did. No, I didn’t. He ended up being a friendly stalker. Such thing!?

Dates 48, 61 and 82 were all contenders… sadly it was only a one way match. My way… in this case, it was the highway.

Date 76 was the youngest of the lot, however he graciously bought me sex toys on the second encounter. As you do.

Date 56 by far the worst – a life coach. What a knob!

How can we forget Date 62 who shut down his entire bar for me… It all fell apart from there on in. Or at least he did.

I loved it when Date 47 pulled out his Velcro surf brand wallet in a fine dining restaurant to pay the bill. The sound of velcro, you know!

Bathroom announcements have been original; “Im going for a Whizza” – Date 35, “Excuse me whilst I relieve myself” – Date 39.

4 x dates have been identified by fellow blog followers… they too have dated them and were able to recognise the dates by my precise descriptions… THAT is an indication!!

Date 60 was a first, a 3 way date and instead I fancied his friend! Typical.

Date 87 was hilarious, even though his gum fell out of his mouth and he wore hot pink SHORT football shorts.

Date 49 was the best kisser – shame I don't kiss and tell. You would love to know!

After all, I am such a private person...

3 x dates have referred to me as Devil wears Prada… Thank you for the compliment… I mean complex.

It looks like Date 6 and Date 88, could end up working for me. Could be interesting. For them.

Well as the Australian Muso, Date 73 said “YOLO”

And ain’t that the truth!!  

12 Dates to go....