The Serial Dater (TSD)... I know her in a much different light and I care to share.

I have never been one of her 'dates', however I have known her for 18 years, and when I saw she had opened up the series to her past dates to write a review on her, I pleaded to do the same, besides, we have wined and dined enough, I get the gist, and I am a bloke and she is... well... lets keep it PG... 'Unique'

 Prior to introducing this girl to ANYONE, I always warn them of a few things;

1. Perform some exercises that will thicken your skin

2. Be wary, she can somehow see into your brain and hear your inner thoughts. Scary much. Evil?!

3. TSD (hard for me not to use her name!) will have made up her mind about you before you introduce yourself.

4. Be prepared to party

TSD and I go way back and like a good wine, or in her case two, our relationship has matured. I distinctly remember one night at one of her numerous parties, we watched the sun rise. Everyone had passed out or gone to bed. Subsequent to the initial gossip about who was sleeping with who, we started to argue (this was not unusual - at times, love hate.) Basically I "attempted" to, "tried" to, explain how sometimes people make mistakes and things don't work out perfectly. This didn't sit well with her majesty. She stated that there are rules in life and that is that.

ALL the rules apply to everybody and there NO exceptions. (At this point I am indicating that she can be narrow minded, stubborn, bossy, and she only processes things in black and white)

There is no grey in her life. In any sense.

She went on to say that she could not show warmth or be sympathetic to others mistakes. (Topic at this point was a mistake I had made...cheating on my girlfriend. I should mention my girlfriend was TSD's BEST friend (had to be - poor me)) This has always stuck in my mind. (ps.both of those sentences)

Even though we were born only 2 days apart I felt like we were so different but somehow... (this is the alcohol talking) I really understood her... Or at least I thought I did. (She would probably have a different opinion. Did I mention she always has an opinion?!)

Just when you think you have her in a vulnerable state and you are close to finding that gentle side, you are more than likely even further away than when you started. Remember, she can read your mind. It gives me the creeps at times. Her big brown eyes turn black occasionally. I swear.

However, I must say, just because there is a lack of warmth doesn't mean there is a lack of heart. Everything this girl does is for someone else. She is constantly organising and gathering groups of people together to have a good time. She loves the dynamic of differing personalities in a room having fun, you can see the enjoyment on her face. I have to give her credit (as much as it irks me to do so)

TSD is committed to her family, friends and WORK.... and now... even possibly... a man... Lets wait and see. Ive seen them come... and Ive seen them go... (Although, this time I might just suggest 'its different'... She is smitten and he is awesome)

Date... 13/8/14

Interest... Fixed at 100% friendship for the next 50 years. (If she doesn't kill me before then)


Well, what can I say?!!! ....or Can't say...

I don't remember too much about our date because it was so long ago and so much has changed since then. The ironic thing is, it turns out I was gay!! She was right!

I could jokingly say, SHE turned me off women all together... but no. It was pleasant and very enjoyable.

We laughed, we drank and chatted about anything and everything. There certainly wasn't any awkward silence.There was even a Date 2... Which I have since apologised about.

If I was a straight man, this girl would certainly be my type - bubbly, fun, well-dressed and passionate about life and very driven. Perhaps a little intimidating though?!!!

I've now been with my partner for a long while and life hasn't been brighter. I'm happy and found the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I only hope she finds the same, because she has so much love to give.

I was taken aback at first when I found out I had been 'rated' & 'dated' but can have a laugh about it now. I'd rate our date a 9/10, if only I knew then what I know now. What girl doesn't need a gay best friend?

Oh and I have since realised I was not THE ONLY date that evening... "running late from work"?! hmmm

I was politely reminded today by a reader, that is has been over 1 month since I last posted...

And she is right. 1 month on and it is official... As in 'Facebook' status official. (Brace yourselves)

According to my 21 year old assistant, this is now very serious.

I took a gamble whilst the boy was overseas at the World Cup, I turned down an amazing career opportunity interstate, I only hoped that when he returned he still felt the same way... after 150 odd dates and 'Steven with an N' scoring 10/10, I couldn't up and leave so easily this time. My career ran a second best.

As promised last time, I would finish the blog, however it would have to take a twist.... 

So. I have reached out to past dates, those who have since become aware of the blog in their own right, I have requested that they dish the dirt and report on our date that was... in their words... (I am asking for trouble) 

The blog has been real, why not finish it that way, I might get knocked off my pedestal however lets face it, I probably deserve it...

Most wish to remain anonymous, NOT Steven though, he would like to be published... I think the 10/10 has gone to his head.

Sit back, laugh, cringe and enjoy what will probably be a very different story... in their eyes.

Oh and did I mention, we are house hunting. Facebook serious remember.